As the home and heart of student life we have taken steps to make living and learning at Parkside house as COVID-19 secure as possible.

There are hand sanitiser dispensers in the entrances and all students, staff and visitors are asked to wear face masks in communal areas.

Parkside House has three parts: 5 studios, 14 twodios and 4 shared apartments with an entrance on Grove Road overlooking Grove Park. 1 twodio and 9 shared apartments have an entrance on Wadham Street opposite the Blakehay Theatre. The Parkside Dance Studio complex has a non-resident entrance in Old Post Office Lane which leads off Wadham Street. Access to the three parts of Parkside House, each floor, lift and all living and learning communal areas is controlled by a keyless entry system managed by the residential warden.

The living and learning spaces at Parkside House are designed to support the safeguarding and welfare needs of students, and that includes living and learning with COVID-19. Students who need to open a door to go to a particular part of the building to live, study, dance, train or play will use a keyless fob. If they do not have a fob programmed to give access, they will not be able to open the door.Limiting access to parts of the building that students only need to use will help to lower the COVID-19 risk.

Where possible, we are also allocating shared accommodation to students on the same course to create a group who live, study and play together. Students already use the Parkside House Facebook page to get to know each other, and we also help students as best we can to find others on the same course to live and learn together at Parkside House.

We look forward to welcoming you to Parkside House.