DPL Partnership Limited Privacy Policy

DPL Partnership is committed to ensuring the privacy of the individuals using the Parkside House website and protecting any information provided to us. In accordance with the applicable English law, DPL Partnership has the following Privacy Statement as of October 2019:

  1. All data supplied to DPL Partnership is for the sole use of DPL Partnership and shall only be used for marketing purposes in the provision of information regarding products of interest to the data supplier.
  2. All data supplied to DPL Partnership shall remain the property of the data supplier and shall be deemed confidential.
  3. DPL Partnership does not share or sell confidential data to third parties. All confidential data supplied to DPL Partnership shall not be disclosed, or allowed to be disclosed, by DPL Partnership to any other party (including sub-contractors) unless with the prior written consent of the data supplier, nor will it be used by DPL Partnership or sub-contractor for any other purpose than for the Parkside House student accommodation facility.
  4. All confidential data shall be stored in a secure place.
  5. All confidential data held by DPL Partnership will be returned to the data supplier upon request and can be amended by the data supplier in question if it is inaccurate.
  6. All confidential data supplied to DPL Partnership shall not be used for unsolicited e-mail marketing. An opt-in and opt-out clause will be specified with regard to data requests for the specific purposes of e-mail marketing activity.
  7. Confidential data supplied to DPL Partnership may be used for future marketing activity in relation to future marketing of similar products.
  8. All confidential data shall be held for an appropriate length of time and can be deleted at the request of the data supplier in question.
  9. The above restrictions do not apply to any of the confidential data, which becomes available to DPL Partnership from any other legitimate source, for example by being in the public domain.

Personal Data and How We Might Use It:
We may ask you to provide personal information about yourself via our website. This data would include your name, contact details, etc. We may ask for this information when you:

  1. Request a brochure or product information
  2. Use our contact form and ask for us to contact you directly
  3. Complete a product survey, questionnaire or customer satisfaction survey

We may use the personal information you provide to us for marketing purposes, which would include:

  1. Sending you further information about facilities and services we feel you may be interested in
  2. Using the information as data when measuring the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns
  3. Asking for your participation in questionnaires and surveys

You have the option and ability to opt-out or unsubscribe from receiving any future communication from us. You will be given the opportunity at the time of the communication or you can contact us directly.